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Pet Odor Removal


Diamond Carpet Care has more than 25 years
experience removing pet stains and odors. Thanks to our experience and commitment to excellence, you can be confident our carpet cleaning and repair experts will be able to get you carpets looking smelling fresh once again. Many people don’t realize dog and cat urine is actually sterile when it’s initially expelled from your pet. Over time, however it breaks down into urine salt crystals. These crystals attract moisture, which servers as an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. These bacterial result in a build-up of ammonia, which is where the foul odor comes from. As any pet owner can tell you, expelled urine never dries completely. As a result, it can remain sticky and foul-smelling for years. At Diamond Carpet Care we use moisture sensors to locate the urine and kill the germs and bacteria that have developed. Furthermore, we use safe green organic products (non toxic). Our 3 step pet urine decontamination process uses 180 degree steam and is effective on even the toughest odor problems.While as cleaning professionals we will do everything possible too remove the pet stains and odors in your carpeting, it is important to note that the resulting stains and discolorations can be permanent. Secondary post cleaning treatments can help to lighten or fade out these stains. Some areas may need to be replaced with a remnant. We may also treat under flooring, baseboards and tack strips as needed.
If you are interested in learning more about our pet odor and stain removal services, give us a call 805-495-7912 for a free estimate.

Flea Treatment

Our flea killer is non-toxic to humans and pets and not an insecticide. It’s a natural product that causes the fleas to dehydrate.

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